Aparthotel: the new frontier of tourism

Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. Hotels and tourist accommodations, even those of medium-high level, are struggling to survive. Yet, if we raise our eyes, even from this crisis we can see a new opportunity arise.

We propose two key themes to turn this crisis into opportunity: Reconversion and Requalification.
We believe, in fact, that the reconversion and requalification of hotel structures represent an essential tool to keep up with the pandemic and post-pandemic scenario, that is to satisfy the new orientation and emerging needs of users, creating the conditions to return to the market with profit. So vision, dynamism, innovation to become pioneering entrepreneurs of a new culture and experience of tourism, offering a higher quality of life.

Requalification generates value

Tourism strongly needs to be rethought in a more sustainable way: from an energetic-environmental, economic and social point of view.
Health and safety are now essential requirements, as well as limited crowding and a better distribution of premises and people, who are increasingly inclined towards green structures with maximum comfort.
Another important aspect is the offering of spaces, services and commercial formulas that guarantee maximum flexibility to customers, with personalized accomodation packages.
An integrated approach to requalification is winning: with low environmental impact design, innovative and sophisticated solutions and cutting-edge technological innovations (IoT and AI), rigorously put at the service of man.

Conversion into aparthotels

In order to give a new impulse to hotel structures, responding to the orientation of users and placing the well-being of the person increasingly at the center, we propose conversion into aparthotels.
In recent years, this form of hospitality has taken hold, and is set to intrinsically change the hospitality sector.
The word, as we know, is made up of the semantic combination of the terms “apartment” and “hotel”.
An aparthotel is a flat with the services of a hotel, thus combining the advantages of both.
In this type of accommodation, the guest enjoys the comfort and well-being of a real home and has considerable cost savings, for example being autonomous in the preparation of meals.
We offer our expertise to renew the hospitality sector through this advantageous accommodation option:

– Reducing fixed costs and maximising profits
– Creation of customized offerings and services based on the target audience
– Strengthening of competitive capacity
– Greater compliance with anti-covid standards
– Use of the Superbonus 110 for accommodation and hotels

We like to imagine ourselves as a spaceship that allows you to reach the furthest realms of your imagination, until you throw your heart over the obstacle. In this spirit, we are at your side to accompany and support you in the journey from crisis to opportunity.
In the next posts we will tell you how the hospitality sector can be developed through Zep Tourist ecological prefabs and the new frontiers of digital technologies (Metaverso and Nft) applied to the world of tourism.

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