Innovative solutions for the hospitality sector

We continue the discussion on the topic of architecture for the hospitality sector by telling you about some of our ideas, proposals and concrete initiatives in this area.

Keys to success in the hospitality sector

Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry are very clear that the sector is undergoing a profound transformation.

Traditional offerings have in fact been largely surpassed, but not everyone has perhaps clearly identified the crucial turning points toward which to direct new development models so that they can best meet current market needs.


Elements such as cutting-edge architecture, refined and innovative design and technological infrastructure have become decisive, but not when taken in isolation, and this is what we believe is most relevant, but in their combination with other equally decisive factors: energy efficiency, eco-sustainability, and healthy living.

Today, success is in the hands of those who consider and implement this spectrum of components in their co-presence and synergy that reinforce and strengthen each element of the whole, creating structures of a unique quality in the world of the tourist accommodation industry, in Italy and abroad.

The various architectural proposals and solutions we offer in the field of hospitality are all characterized by the organic nature of this vision.
We are in fact deepening research and experimentation activities, continuing to invest our resources in this composite direction.

All this corresponds to the polyvalence of our mission: to realize an innovative and cutting-edge architecture concept in the technological field, and that at the same time designs and builds values, therefore that is human centered, at the service of the quality of life of the people who will inhabit those spaces co-created in symbiosis with the natural environment that surrounds them.


Redesigning spaces to make them hybrid and flexible we believe is another great strength for the hotel industry.

In addition to making the best use of available areas, you will be able to increase the range of facilities and services, generate interaction and coexistence among guests, and create different kinds of recreational and even working atmospheres.

In fact, we keep in mind that with the gradual increase of smart working, it will become increasingly common to work while vacationing on the Riviera, in the mountains, or in some art city.

Also considering these aspects, we have designed our meta-temporary prefabs specifically designed for the hospitality sector, the Zep.

Integrating as needed with pre-existing structures, they guarantee fast construction times, extraordinary ease of assembly, modulation and customization of space and design, while ensuring the stability and durability of traditional construction.

Sustainability and contact with nature

Designing environmentally sustainable spaces not only responds to a trend or fashion of conscious tourism, but also represents an unavoidable vital necessity.

With this in mind, so-called biophilic design, which integrates natural elements into interior decoration, creating healthier and more livable environments, is spreading rapidly in architecture.

In the case of hotels, this trend could also include natural lighting and ventilation techniques, using organic building materials and incorporating glimpses of vegetation, natural views or waterfalls that are either part of the building’s architecture or naturally occurring.

The opening of a new location dedicated to the hospitality sector.

In order to effectively implement these and other proposals and to be more present and close to interested users, we have decided to open a new office dedicated ad hoc to the hospitality sector.

It will be in the Romagna Riviera, in Lido di Savio, a stone’s throw from the lively Milano Marittima and not far from the Unesco city of Ravenna.

The office will be especially aimed at all entrepreneurs, national and international, interested in investing in the hospitality tourism sector.
These will be able to differentiate themselves in the market by taking advantage of the new concept of cutting-edge tourism in which we believe and which together we can realize.

Going then into the specifics of the place that hosts us, it is clear that tourism in Romagna also urgently needs a new model of development.

In this perspective, being on the territory and knowing it in depth, we are also ready to offer a consulting service for the selection of locations and possible innovative designs.

Thrilled to expand our services in this way, with today officially begins the countdown to the opening of the new offices that we are finalizing and on which we will keep you updated.

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