Multisensory Architecture and the New Frontiers of Health Design

In our last article we told you about the flagship innovative project we are working on, namely our Zepverse, the unique metaverse that promotes Made in Italy Design and Green Technology.

In parallel with Goldelite, we are continuing to pursue research and development in our design line, and now we would like to bring you up to date on one of the latest innovative products we have created, this time in the field of synaesthetic lighting.

SYNESTESIA: the new synaesthetic lighting design concept

In collaboration with Lantana and Indigo Technologies and with Professor Flaviano Celaschi of the University of Bologna, as part of Elisabetta Veronesi’s degree thesis in industrial design, which we supervised as co-rapporteurs and host company, we developed a new design product for catering.

This time it is a specialised design of the synaesthetic type, i.e. capable of simultaneously stimulating the 5 senses and allowing a high immersive impact experience.

It is in this context that we have created our SYNESTESIA, a synaesthetic table lamp designed for catering environments, but which we are also studying for other sectors such as medical, health and beauty.

SYNESTESIA was designed with customised stylistic choices based on our first selected premium user. In fact, we chose Chef Pietro Leemann’s Joia restaurant in Milan, the first European vegetarian Haute Cuisine restaurant to receive a Michelin star, and which therefore represents, in Italy and abroad, a flagship for a sustainable and cruelty-free gastronomic experience, inspired by the millenary knowledge of Ayurvedic science.

In the sphere of culinary-themed synaesthesia, the design product we have created represents a major innovation, capable of significantly enhancing the multi-sensory dining experience.

It combines cutting-edge technology with Goldèlite’s nanotechnological, antibacterial, virucidal and fungicidal material.

The lamp diffuses aromas, via ultrasound or nebuliser, and is capable of capturing the sounds of chewing and transforming them into light and sound effects, enhancing the customer’s immersive experience with unique, highly emotional atmospheres.

SYNESTESIA allows an important aesthetic and functional experience, amplifying the culinary experience with sounds, aromas and colours, but not only.

Indeed, recent studies and scientific validations attest to the extent to which Synaesthetic Design can contribute decisively to the quality of the environment, and thus also to improving our health, with achievements unthinkable even just a few years ago.

Innovations in the field of Synaesthetic and Health Design

We are continuing to work on developing the new frontiers of design, one that is not limited to aesthetics and functionality, but also aims to create environments that contribute to health and improved quality of life.

The synaesthetic Design we realise goes precisely in this direction through the simultaneous stimulation of all five senses, enabling memorable wellness experiences.

After SYNESTESIA, we are planning new applications of multi-sensory Design in other sectors besides the restaurant industry, such as in hospitality, commercial, home, work and medical environments.

Lights, colours, sounds, flavours, scents and materials play a fundamental role in every environment: they modify bodily reactions, improve perceptions, evaluations and behaviour.

Through the dialogue between the various senses, we enable greater involvement and thus better knowledge of the environment, facilitating the satisfaction of essential needs, promoting accessibility, inclusion and health.

By placing end-users at the core of our design thinking, we are developing synaesthetic Design to create stimulating ‘healthy’ environments (environmental eustress), according to individual preferences (appraisal) and beyond merely technical and executive parameters.

We want to create places that are increasingly tailored to potential users, with the main objective of improving their perception of themselves and the world around them, with a consequent increase in well-being and quality of life. A theme, the latter, to which we are particularly attached, considering it the cornerstone of ‘conscious Design’.

In fact, the concept of Health Design has decisively initiated a third phase of architecture: after energy and comfort, health.

This is why we design living and working spaces that go beyond mere functional, technical, physiological aspects, embracing a more holistic vision of architecture.

We will continue to talk about this in our next post, in which we will tell you about some of our other innovative projects in the pipeline in the field of Health Design.

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