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The Covid-19 pandemic has ramped up a trend that had already been underway for several years: we are talking about the hybridization of the sales process, whereby e-commerce complements the physical store. We envisage the physical store as a showroom, a quality space where people encounter the brand. Whether it is a retail space, a pop-up store, or an art exhibit, we think it is important for the design to encourage the interaction between the space and people, and that the premises can communicate effectively and convey emotions.

Undoubtedly, the lockdown and practical difficulties of the past year have negatively affected the budgets of retail spaces, while at the opposite end of the spectrum, Amazon has doubled its e-commerce sales. This shows us that the only way to react to the situation, and indeed to turn it to our advantage, is to go digital with the showrooms. To create unique spaces, you need to know your customers and identify the most suitable experience to put them in touch with the brand.

The aim is to evoke memories, thanks to the intensity of the emotional and physical experiences lived in our spaces. The more engaging the user experience, the deeper it will be able to emotionally interact with people and excite them. Different scenarios can be designed to trigger certain reactions in the visitor’s mind, thanks to which he or she will be able to open up to any crucial information to understand the values of the brand. It is, therefore, possible to work on at a subconscious level and for example to induce amazement, surprise, joy, inclusion, tranquility, or well-being, to name but a few. Through multisensory architecture, we can create welcoming environments that resonate with the subconscious of people. There is indeed a correlation between the setting and the people who gravitate inside it: the nervous system processes external stimuli, such as sounds, smells, and colors, and then transmits the desired impulses to the rest of the body.

A space conceived in this way is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd: it will make the values of the brand clear and linger in people’s memories. Being readily recognizable is an extremely important factor in the increasingly competitive world of retail.


 What is clear, is that in any case both commercial and non-commercial activities which require the presence of people on the premises will need to adapt to new emerging needs, and the ace up the sleeve will be to adequately prepare for the reopening. The customer experience can be further customized based on the preferences of visitors, to produce an even more immersive experience.


The furnishings for commercial spaces, such as antibacterial dressing rooms, displays and counters have been designed with our GOLDélite brand. GOLDélite surfaces and furnishings have a real bactericidal and fungicidal power, as well as having a positive effect on the air quality of the rooms.


In addition to the aspect related to multisensory, it will be logical, it will be important to pay close attention to the issue of hygiene and the quality of the air inside the rooms. The health emergency we are experiencing has greatly sensitized people to issues related to health safety and the healthiness of the environments. The customer experience will therefore have to adapt to this paradigm shift, through a design that is attentive to the healthiness of the premises and the quality of the air.


Discover our GOLDélite brand. GOLDélite surfaces and furnishings have a real bactericidal and fungicidal power, as well as having a positive effect on the air quality of the rooms.

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