L'emozione di abitare la natura

Have you ever imagined yourself on a houseboat in the middle of unspoilt nature?
It is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in life!

What if this houseboat is built from 100% natural materials, according to the strictest criteria of Bio- architecture, and at the same time has nothing to envy to the most luxurious hotel suites.

The Zepoint tourist, the world’s first prefabricated meta-temporary, ecological and antibacterial structure, which can be positioned directly on the ground, anchored to piles or floating on water, could revolutionise the world of hospitality and the concept of tourism.
So that it can become increasingly innovative, totally ecological and sustainable.

Imagine you are in a delightful houseboat. You are in a tropical paradise, in one of its most isolated and virgin stretches.
You are above crystal clear turquoise waters, whose waves gently lap your resort.
Below you a thriving coral reef. Around you, soft white beaches.
On the floor there are windows from which you can admire the flora and fauna below the water level.
You are immersed in nature as you may never have been before in your life, but at the same time you have the best comforts you would find in a luxury hotel. Large windows let in all the beauty that explodes outside. The view from the bed shows the calm, blue ocean stretching as far as the eye can see. You never tire of contemplating this landscape, even if you look at it over and over for days.
A short flight of steps outside the door leads to a solarium at the water’s edge, where you love to spend time with your partner and children, eat meals in the open air and plan exploratory trips together to penetrate the surrounding nature reserve.

You are having one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences of your life!
It’s an amazing alternative travel idea for people like you, who are tired of staying in the usual hotels or holiday homes. Your resort is built from wood, cork and other completely natural materials. Inside you breathe in the fragrance of those woods and cork trees, which mingles with that of the surrounding vegetation. Time is marked by the cries of the herons, while you enjoy watching the flight of the fish eagles.
At night you sleep lulled by the waves, in a very pleasant romantic atmosphere. You are experiencing a strong emotion.
It is the emotion of living in nature. And living in nature means regenerating yourself, recreating your body and spirit. As in your remote dreams, more and more people all over the world, tired of the usual standardised holiday packages, are looking for adventure and freedom. They are in search of an original and unique holiday experience.
• Nature
• Comfort
• Ecology
• Safety

That’s why we thought of Zepoint tourist, to make the dream easily achievable, in a totally eco-friendly way.
It is creativity at the service of the Green Revolution.

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