Designing the new Hospitality

The world of hospitality needs innovation and foresight, which are crucial for the relaunch of this sector in a society that has changed its face in little more than two years.

Innovation is the key to relaunching the hospitality sector

Innovation becomes a concrete value, profitably spendable, to the extent that it grasps and anticipates the spirit of the age, and makes itself functional to the prospects, needs (and even dreams) of the users it addresses.

What are we implementing in this perspective?

New trends in the hospitality sector

Let’s take stock of hospitality and the new trends of this sector. Increased customer awareness regarding sustainability, health and personal wellbeing is giving rise to the new focal points for hospitality businesses.

The undisputed trend of recent years, which is increasingly becoming a major factor in consumers choice and continues to be a factor of growth in all sectors, is the theme of personal wellness and health.

In addition to the pre-packaged standards of beauty and relaxation offered by Spa hotels, there is great growth in demand for health diagnostic technologies and tailor-made treatment plans.

There is a growing interest in preventive medicine and self-care in an integral sense, on the physical, psychological and spiritual level.

New travellers are seeking holiday resorts with such treatments to develop vitality, healing processes, stress management, emotional balance, mindfulness practice and sleep quality.

In the redevelopment and conversion of existing spaces, as well as in the conception of new state-of-the-art facilities, we started from this holistic conception of the very idea of travel and holidays, and from the new concepts of hospitality in relation to evolving lifestyles.

We do this with 100% eco-sustainable architectural design, both in terms of the materials and construction techniques used, and in terms of aesthetics and energy performance.

An architecture that respects and protects the environment, and which is at the same time “human centred”, functional to the well-being of those who live and use those spaces.

The future will be in fact healthy living, which is why we are also turning design into a therapeutic tool.

The architect today cannot limit himself to being the one who designs spaces and furnishings, but we believe he must be part of a team that cooperates to design people’s well-being.

We go beyond old patterns and pioneer humanism in architecture.

To do this we start from what for us represents the basis: the careful research and selection of materials, techniques and methods of processing and use to interpret their characteristics and bring out their peculiarities.

Every material has its own poetry.

We try to translate it into works of architecture and design to make spaces speak and put them at the service of those who inhabit them, making them harmonious, healthy, functional and refined at the same time. We play with imagination, creativity, inspiration and a sensitivity tested over years of work in the field, at the boundaries of experimentation, with an eye always turned to the future.

Healthy Building: innovative materials and techniques for sustainable architecture

We work continuously on the search for innovative techniques and ecosustainable materials, in line with current accommodation requirements, both from the functional and structural point of view.

Natural materials allow us to create unique atmospheres, “living” architectural organisms, because they are able to breathe with the people. Whoever enters these spaces experiences a connection with the ecosystem, thanks to a design in dialogue and interpenetration with the external environment, and in the complete absence of chemical substances harmful to man and his habitat.

The careful choice of materials and their original ways of use combine to create a multi-sensory experience, the one that today’s travellers seek most. Their desire is not just to take a trip, but to get in touch with the soul of places, to immerse themselves in an experiential stay.

We continue our experimentation with building materials by also participating in international architectural competitions exploring their potential uses, versatility and ductility.

We recently designed a temporary, multifunctional wooden pavilion inspired by naval architecture. We have re-proposed the image of a sailing ship with which travellers can sail the seas and explore new continents, experience new perceptions.

The soft, sinuous soffit recalls the sails that move and swell with the wind.

The sailing ship allows a journey in the name of multi-sensoriality:

– touch is stimulated through the tapered shapes that can be caressed
– the sense of smell is awakened by the intense fragrance of the finest wood
– the eyes follow the continuous play of light that the wood allows to filter through

Whoever enters inside also opens up to the outside world: he listens to the sounds of nature surrounding the structure, hears the voice of the wind penetrating, comes into contact with the element wood in its natural environment.

In a space that is both closed and open at the same time, the inside magically meets the outside, and perception is broadened.

What makes the difference are designs with materials that allow for multilevel experiences. Those capable of surprising, welcoming and embrace. Again with regard to the choice of materials, another aspect that we have paid particular attention to in the hospitality sector are the new furnishing and sanitising solutions for interior spaces.

The objective is to simultaneously guarantee maximum interior comfort, the biological safety of the rooms and total integration with the surrounding nature.

This is why we have developed, first for the sanitary sector and then also for the hospitality sector, meta-temporary prefabs: the Zep.

Produced with 100% ecological and antibacterial materials and equipped with a line of equally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and Covid-free objects and furnishings, they combine sustainable architecture with state-of-the-art technology, with extraordinary ease of assembly while guaranteeing the stability and durability of traditional construction.

Zeprojects wants to bring innovation and design to the service of the individual, with attention to the functional needs that have been increasingly felt in recent years.

Through our projects we want to make the customer’s experience unique and impactful, so that it remains etched in the memory and can be transferred to others, amplifying its value over time.

In the next article we will tell you more about our hospitality Zep, showing you some structures we have already realized.

We invite you to contact us to study tailor-made designs and open up new horizons together.

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