The world's first metaverse promoting Made in Italy Design and Green Technology certified via Blockchain

We are proud and happy to make you part of an important project, in which we are investing our best energies and skills.

We believe that what we are realising can bring a decisive impulse to the world of architecture.

By going beyond the mere creation of a product, we are opening up the frontiers of an as yet unexplored sector of the real estate market with great opportunities.

This is a disruptive project in its innovative capacity.

We chose to announce it at the end of February at the Blockchain Life 2023 Forum in Dubai, one of the most important forums on blockchain, cryptocurrency and mining in the world.

In front of an international audience, we presented our Zepverse, the first and only metaverse in the world that promotes Made in Italy Design and Green Technology certified via Blockchain.

The potential of the real estate market in the metaverse is extraordinary and we believe that the future of real estate is played out in this new area of development.

Growth scenarios that were unthinkable even just a few years ago are on the horizon.

920 billion dollars is the value of the luxury real estate market worldwide.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens used to buy and sell in the metaverse, have entered the real estate sector, yet luxury real estate has remained outside the digital market.

This is mainly because the NFTs currently on the market certify the ownership but not the quality of the property.
The investor would then have to buy it, perhaps from the other side of the world, without any guarantee on construction processes and technologies, materials used, exclusivity of design, environmental impact and sustainability. But this is not possible for the luxury real estate market, which is bound by the quality label.

We are the first and only company whose NFTs certify not only the Property but also the Quality of the real estate investment, guaranteeing Green Technology and exclusive Made in Italy Design.

Sustainability is certified by ESG protocols and quality is guaranteed thanks to the blockchain that certifies the entire process from design to construction completion, guaranteeing the most advanced technologies and 100% sustainable materials.

For the end customer this means being able to count on a Quality, Agile, Safe and Sustainable real estate investment, i.e. an investment that can guarantee a 300% ROI over time.

By designing, building and tokenizing eco-sustainable luxury real estate, we are opening up a market that no one else has been able to enter so far and that is estimated to reach 10 million profit in three years.

On stage at Blockchain Life 2023 the co-founder of Zeprojects, Engineer and Architect Silvia Motori, made a pitch to introduce Zepverse, the leader in Innovation, Quality and Sustainability.

Features and potential of Zepverse

Through Zepverse we are bringing the most cutting-edge digital innovations to the world of architecture to certify the sustainability and quality of Made in Italy Design.

Zepverse is the metaverse of Zeprojects in which you can:

1) Enter and select the property of your interest;

2) Have an immersive experience of the property thanks to augmented reality;

3) Buy the property using NFT. This allows a safe, easy, quick investment, without intermediaries and with irrefutable proof of the property acquired, with a smart contract perfected with the blockchain ecosystem;

4) Personalise the property before completion;

5) Obtain Duo Diligence and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Sustainability Certifications, which guarantee the security and eco-friendly nature of the investment;

6) Acquire the Made in Italy Design Quality Certification, the guarantee of 100% sustainable technologies and materials and the quality of the entire process from design to completion of the property.

Zepverse thus opens up an important new frontier in the property market and relaunches the creative process in architecture with the unique winning combination of Digital Innovation and Quality Certification.

If you want to be part of the change and find out how to invest with us, write to us, we will be happy to discuss it with you .

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