well-being and technological innovation

The rediscovery of one’s body, the need for a harmonious mind-body balance, and the quest to recover harmony with nature. These are the rising trends that we have seen in recent years, and that we expect will further increase in the near future. The resurgence of a new humanism means that the attention for the spaces devoted to personal care is increasingly important. In all likelihood, the wellness facilities of the future will be very different from what we are now accustomed to. Attention to health safety and air hygiene will certainly be the future cornerstones of this sector. Another crucial factor will be the attention to the relationship with nature – artificial interiors will make room for a return to authenticity, even just through the use of materials.

We talk about therapeutic architecture, which therefore contributes through its shapes and colors to increase the well-being of the people who live it, interacting directly on a neurological level. In fact, there is an intrinsic link between the surrounding environment and the individuals who live it, the central nervous system in fact receives and decodes external stimuli, such as sounds and colors, then transmitting the impulses to the rest of the body. This is why a place can arouse more emotions or evoke memories. In fact, memory is built through the perception of the object and the sensory aspects to which a specific emotional reaction corresponds. Our wellness spaces are innovative, precisely because we seek the emotional involvement of people through the design of shapes and environments. It is a design that we could define as holistic, in which aspects of a design nature are considered, united by evaluations of a neuro-scientific type. It is thanks to the combination of the different points of view that contribute to the final project, that we are able to create unique environments that go beyond design towards a new concept of architecture for well-being.

To interact more on a neurological level with people are color, light and sound, sight and hearing therefore, but not only, touch and smell are equally important, to create the so-called multisensory space that allows the processing of the experience. at the brain level, and therefore the fixation of emotion in memory. The new wellness spaces are created through the use of IoT Internet of Things technology, which allow, on the one hand, the optimized energy management of the systems aimed at reducing consumption and therefore of management costs, on the other, as mentioned, to increase the quality of the experience of the people who live it in terms of greater comfort, greater quality of service and health safety. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can process data deriving from the systems and the behavior of the users of the spaces and obtain important information relating to user behavior and preferences with a view to improving the user experience, but also the management and maintenance of the systems themselves.

Natural materials such as wood, cork, hay, hemp are in fact able to create a very special customer experience, the use of these materials is able to increase the perception of well-being for the people who live there. The senses of smell, sight and touch are stimulated in a positive way. The natural “perfume” emanating from the chemically untreated materials and the thermo-hygrometric well-being that they are able to generate make these environments unique. For finishes, furnishing accessories or the most exposed surfaces, we use GOLDélite products, which are naturally antibacterial and completely eco-sustainable. Surfaces and furnishings made using this material have a real bactericidal and fungicidal power. This last aspect should not be underestimated, if we consider the characteristics of high relative humidity common to many wellness environments, the use of finishes of this kind represent a real revolution in the sector. For the interior finishes, such as handles or more exposed contact surfaces, we therefore use a new patented and completely antibacterial material, capable of breaking down the fungal and viral bacterial load within the environments. We have developed an entire line of accessories with this material, ranging from the antibacterial bed to the accessories for changing rooms, to the fully antibacterial poolside seating.

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